Our commitment

We believe in taking responsibility for our waste: From our design, manufacturing, packaging to educating our customers on how to live more sustainably. We work hard to make the best choices for ROUT & Madre Earth.

Paper packaging

We wanted to make sure we're getting rid of any unnecessary plastic to lower our carbon footprint. From our tubes to our shipping supplies are made out of recycled paper with earth-friendly inks.

We say NO to virgin plastic.

Our blades come in wrapped in recycled plastic aka PCR or PCW ( Post-Consumer Resin or Waste) and, last several uses. Through our affordable refills subscription, we help cut out the plastic use created by the beauty industry each year.

Our partners

Paper Tube

Our razor tubes come from Paper Tube. They partner with One Tree Planted as part of their global commitment to sustainability.


Our shipping supplies are 100% recycled paper. This is possible to our partnership with EcoEnclose: One of the leaders in sustainable packaging.

Ecology Center

We are members of Ecology Center, our backyard—Berkeley-based nonprofit organization. They guide us to the best earth-friendly practices as well as helping us recycle the blades we receive from our customers.